7 most unusual transportations in the world

1. Transportation of 160-ton generators by air on An-225 “Mriya” at the end of truck dispatcher course
An-225 “Mriya” is the largest cargo aircraft, which, moreover, has the highest payload among all ever created. This is already drawing on a good record, especially when you consider that today it exists in a single copy. Many Russians know him because of the transportation of the Buran spacecraft. Meanwhile, “Mriya” just three years ago set another record for air transportation: 12 generators, 160 tons each!

The generators were delivered on 12 flights, each of which carried one generator. For this delivery, the An-225, currently owned by Ukraine, had to be called to the other side of the world: the cargo was delivered from Chile to Bolivia. Special loading equipment was developed, and in the cockpit the design had to be changed due to the size of the generators.

2. Travel of a killer whale by plane from Mexico to Iceland

3d illustration of wagon of freight train with containers on the sky background

A killer whale named Keiko has lived in captivity in a Mexican amusement park for over ten years. But when the film crew needed an animal accustomed to people for the film “Free Willie”, Keiko had to be brought to the place of work on the film. In order for the animal to experience less stress, it was necessary to deliver it as quickly as possible – by air. C-130 Hercules transported the killer whale from Mexico to the United States, Oregon. And after the filming of the trilogy was completed, she was taken to her homeland, in Iceland, with the help of a Boeing C-17 aircraft, where there was an attempt to release the animal into the wild. However, over the years of life in humans, the killer whale got so used to them that she could not refuse their care.

3. Space shuttle “Endeavor”: 19 kilometers along the streets of Los Angeles
The delivery of the space shuttle in Los Angeles became known around the world. Endeavor completed its space career in the summer of 2011, after which it was decided to deliver it to the California Science Center. Preparation for delivery took more than a year: only in October 2012 the shuttle took its place of honor. He drove 19 kilometers along the streets of Los Angeles at a speed of just over 3 kilometers per hour. Thousands of residents and guests of the city followed the movement of the famous shuttle. The dimensions of the shuttle were so huge that in order for it to pass its way through the streets of the city, it was necessary to cut down four hundred trees planted along the road.

4. Transportation of the most expensive yacht in the world Baltic 175 Pink Gin
The Pink Gin VI is the largest carbon yacht in the world. It was built for 4 years in Bosund, and after the completion of construction it was necessary to deliver it to the owner in Jakobstad. The distance between the cities is only twenty kilometers, but delivery was complicated: the length of the yacht is 53 meters, the weight is 160 tons. I had to expand the roadbed, remove signs and power lines. It is difficult to imagine how much the slightest mistake and damage to precious cargo would cost for carriers. However, everything went well, a 67-meter mast was already installed on the spot, and the Pink Gin VI was launched.

5. Fines for incorrect transportation of dinosaurs in Bangkok
One of the transport companies in Bangkok was forced to pay a $ 68 fine for not following the rules for transporting dinosaurs in trucks. The worst traffic jams on the streets of the city were provoked by natural-looking moving models of giant reptiles, which were taken to a thematic exhibition. The official reason for the fine was the lack of camouflage of transported bulky items. For only $ 68, the organizers of the exhibition were able to successfully advertise the future event throughout Thailand, and at the same time it was good to entertain drivers and passers-by.

6. Bell tower of Santa Maria Maggiore: the first ever transport of the building
The bell tower, moved to Italy, was about 30 meters high and weighed almost 1000 tons. The soil was thoroughly examined, the equipment was prepared. The process was supervised by the most prominent architect and engineer of Italy, Aristotle Fioravanti. The bell tower was moved 13 meters – a ridiculous distance for those who are used to news about the transportation of buildings and factories hundreds of kilometers. However, this transportation was carried out in 1455: without modern equipment, high-quality traction power, only with the help of a system of ropes, pulleys and runners. After this move, world fame came to Aristotle, and he was invited to build even in Moscow.

7. Unsuccessful delivery of 130 million bees from California
From representatives of the animal world, not only movie characters or cattle are delivered. Trucks loaded with beehives and bees regularly crash in the United States. The largest incident is recognized as the case when a truck with bees overturned on its way from California to North Dakota. While the crew and arriving rescuers were repairing the damage in the car, some of the bees got out of their houses and went to explore new territories. Due to the dangerous cargo, the participants in the accident had to wear full fire protection. Fortunately, in a few hours, the transport and damaged hives were repaired, and the truck continued on its way. After calculations, it turned out that out of 133 million bees that were traveling to a new place of residence, about 3 thousand individuals flew away. This was relatively minor damage and the ordering company had no claim for incomplete delivery of an important cargo.

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