Cargo transportation by trucks with a capacity of 5 tons

For the transportation of any goods are well suited large vehicles with a capacity of 5 tons. Such transport works not only within the city or region, but also on intercity routes.

Advantages of 5-ton trucks
Large vehicles are characterized by a good carrying capacity, capacity. With the use of different types of vans can be delivered large-sized products, items of large dimensions.

Such trucks maneuver well, pass through narrow streets. All this allows fast delivery of goods, which is especially important when transporting perishable goods.

The advantage is that it is easier to load (unload) goods in five-ton trucks than in bulky trucks. There are trucks for 5 tons with a dropping board, thanks to which you can quickly load heavy things.

Vans are light enough, so fuel consumption is economical. Low fuel consumption is another big advantage of 5-ton trucks. Delivery of products by five-ton trucks at a cost significantly lower than the transportation of large trucks.

These vehicles are allowed to drive on main streets. The end result is a shorter route and lower gasoline costs.

What kind of loads can be transported?
Five-ton vehicles are suitable for delivering a variety of goods. This can be any piece of furniture: cabinets, tables, nightstands, sofas and more. Also in trucks for 5 tons can be transported:

agricultural products;
structures made of metal;
various technical equipment.

If you need to transport construction materials, you can safely order transportation by maneuverable five-ton trucks.

Customers can order delivery of goods transport with different types of bodies.

Vans – machines with closed bodies, designed for the transportation of goods. Most often, customers choose vans to transport things. The peculiarity of vans is the presence of metal walls, which well protect goods from bad weather conditions.

Tent vehicles have similar characteristics. Versatile trucks with a tent-covered side use less fuel than conventional vans. The distinctive characteristic of tilt-covered vehicles is the canopy of synthetic material, which protects the cargo from dust, dirt, and water.

Freight transportation by isothermal and refrigerated trucks. Such vehicles are ideal for the transportation of temperature-dependent products. Foodstuffs and medicines require special temperature conditions.

There is a heat insulating layer inside the isothermal wagons, which creates a thermos effect. Isotherms can deliver different products: meat and milk, canned foods, fruits and vegetables.

Refrigerated truck allows you to regulate the temperature of the air. Refrigerators are used for quick delivery of perishable goods, frozen foods.

There are also flatbed trucks. We recommend these vehicles for delivery of bulky cargoes, construction materials, equipment, concrete products. Onboard trucks are suitable for the transportation of repair materials, paving slabs and other goods that are not afraid of unfavorable external factors. Loading on flatbed trucks can be carried out from different sides.

Cargo transportation by machines with different type of body has no geographical restrictions. Cargo can be delivered in the city, region or intercity routes.

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