How to pack for a move?

A huge responsibility and a heap of worries – that’s what moving to a new place of residence promises. Organizing and packing things is the hardest thing. It is not clear what to grab and where to start. But it is definitely worth buying a set of packaging materials in advance and visit dispatching course. You should not save on materials, because the safety of things depends on their quality.

Use vacuum packaging to significantly reduce the size of bulky items such as bedding, home textiles and winter clothing. Organize your wardrobe by purpose, type, and color, and pack the items of all family members separately.

Corrugated cardboard packaging will help to perfectly preserve household appliances and all sorts of little things. For packing heavy items, you should buy strong boxes so that during transportation they retain their integrity and do not tear. Medium-sized boxes are more practical, they are more convenient to carry than larger ones, which become unbearable at maximum load.

Kitchen packaging

Small kitchen utensils can be put into large pots. All fragile breaking objects should be wrapped in paper beforehand. It is important to fix the dishes so that they do not hang out in the drawers and minimize the risk of breaking them. Fill any voids with newspapers or cloth. For breakable dishes, use bubble wrap.

Furniture packaging
Furniture should be transported unassembled. Pack the fittings and handles in a separate box, labeling each package to make it easier to separate them later.

When collecting things, it is important to adhere to logic and system, you should avoid the neighborhood of electronics and books with liquids. For convenience, sign and label each box using colored stickers, otherwise, upon arrival, you risk finding yourself in a chaos of boxes and boxes with unknown contents.


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