Logisticians invest in warehouses

A large French logistics operator FM Logistic presented the results of its activities in Russia over the past year. At a special press conference in Moscow and on the https://en.truckdispatchertraining.us/intermodal-dispatcher-training/, it was announced that for the 2020-2021 financial year (ends in April 2021), FM Logistic’s turnover in the Russian Federation amounted to 22 billion rubles, which is 3% higher than in the previous reporting period.

According to Oleg Alkhamov, General Director of FM Logistic in Russia, in the past year, the company’s attention was primarily focused on the warehouse segment and co-packing (packaging of products for a customer’s order), as well as on local and international transport logistics. The share of warehousing services in the company’s turnover decreased by 4%, international transportation — by 14%. In turn, the services of co-packing and domestic shipments showed a positive trend: growth in each amounted to 18% and 14%, respectively, which gave impetus to the development of the company as a whole.

According to Oleg Alkhamov, the conclusion of contracts with new clients allowed FM Logistic in Russia to increase its turnover by 3.05 billion rubles. 1.125 billion each went to warehousing services and domestic transportation, 465 million rubles to international transport logistics services, and another 337.5 million to co-packing. Such results were achieved despite the fact that in the first quarter of the last financial year, international traffic practically stopped due to the closure of borders and a sharp decrease in trade. However, over the next nine months, the FM Logistic team, working remotely, was able to ensure a significant increase in turnover. This was also facilitated by the expansion of the client portfolio: it included representatives of the cosmetics industry and the DIY segment (do-it-yourself products).

Currently, the total area of ​​warehouses managed by a logistics operator in the Russian Federation is 816.8 thousand square meters. m. Their main volume is concentrated in Moscow and the Moscow region, where the company operates 16 platforms. At the same time, FM Logistic is present throughout Russia, providing warehouse logistics services from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. The operator notes that there is a significant reduction in vacant space in the warehouse market, therefore, in response to business needs, the company continues to build new sites.

So, in the village of Bolshoe Tolbino, the construction of a modern complex has begun, which will consist of 6 class A + warehouses. Construction is carried out taking into account all modern environmental requirements and market demands. Warehouse area will be 107 thousand square meters. m, capacity – more than 160 thousand pallets, height – 12 m. In the future complex, for the first time under one roof, they will be located as their own cross-docking platforms (the so-called end-to-end warehousing is the process of receiving and shipping goods through a warehouse directly, without placing in a long-term storage area ), as well as standard warehouses to meet the needs of customers working in the b2b and b2c segments, with multi-channel sales of goods.

The total investment in the construction of a new warehouse complex is estimated at 7 billion rubles, of which 2.4 billion rubles. will be spent on the construction of the first stage, which is expected to be launched in the first half of next year. In addition, the French company intends to spend 750 million rubles in the near future. for new technologies and equipment for existing warehouses and 35 million rubles. for employee training. Representatives of the French company say that now, due to the growth of e-commerce sales for warehouse space in the capital region, there is still a rush demand, there are almost no empty places in existing warehouses. “The warehouse in Bolshoi Tolbino is designed to expand the presence of FM Logistic in the Moscow region and reduce the load on the facilities already in this area. The new platform will create at least 300 jobs and will become a reliable employer and partner in social projects of the administration of the Podolsky district and the Moscow region. By April 2022, we plan to complete the construction of the first stage and built-in office,” says Oleg Alkhamov. “New warehouses will help meet the needs of current and future customers. At the moment, we have already reached an agreement with current partners on filling 100% of the area of ​​two facilities under construction, and we are also negotiating with new customers.”

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