Destroying the established way of life and truck dispatcher course price is not the most pleasant occupation; collecting and packing things that have been accumulating in the room for years, transporting, carefully monitoring so that nothing is lost or broken during transportation, then choosing the optimal location for each item in a new place is not easy enough. If we are talking about an apartment move, there is one plus – no one will rush you, give a lot of contradictory instructions, set deadlines. You yourself are free to decide what and in what to pack, when and where to arrange.

Another thing is when it comes to office relocation. Everything is much more complicated here. Not only is a large office filled with things no less than any apartment; the matter is further complicated by the fact that the workflow in your company has not been canceled. Moving by relocation, and the main activity, office life, client visits – everything should go on as usual and preferably without delay. It’s time to grab your head – how to combine the incompatible? In fact, everything is not so scary. There are special companies that, along with other transport services, also office moving.

What is included in the office moving service?
To begin with, you and the company providing the moving (moving) service conclude an agreement. This is a prerequisite, because the company assumes responsibility for the safety of your company’s property

Then a specialist is sent to your office who will assess the scale of the work, determine how many loaders will require your move and what kind of transport it is better to use for transportation. For moving, you can order a gazelle or use the services of a cargo taxi, but it is better to leave the organization of office moving to professionals. In addition, you will be offered the most convenient time for moving – a day off or a public holiday, and possibly night hours.

Why is this done? So that, firstly, the road from the old office to the new took as little time as possible, in order to exclude or at least reduce the likelihood of getting stuck in a traffic jam, because on weekends the traffic is not so intense. And secondly, in the building where the new office is located, it will be much more convenient for movers to use the elevators to lift your belongings to the desired floor, if there are no other employees in the building at that time.

Turnkey office moving.
You, of course, know what it means “turnkey” – that is, with minimal customer involvement. Simply put, this is when a project is carried out by a contractor from the very beginning until the end result is achieved, and the customer only needs to “turn the key”, that is, to start operating the facility.

Moving cardboard boxes and personal belongings in empty office space

The concept of “turnkey” is now used not only in construction, but also in the provision of almost any service. Moving companies did not stand aside either. So what is turnkey office moving? Typically, it includes four main stages:

Planning. The very moment when an employee of a moving company comes to your office to assess the “scale of the disaster” – what to load, what to carry, how many man-hours you need to spend. It is also a trip to the new office to assess the situation – in which room the unloading is to be carried out, on which floor, is there an elevator, etc.

Preparation. At this stage, the employees of the moving company come to pack, collect and prepare your property for transportation. All office equipment, furniture, documentation and other essential attributes of your office will be carefully wrapped in a special material (corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap), small things are packed in boxes, and the furniture will be disassembled for greater safety.

Transportation (transportation). Well, everything is packed and ready to ship. At this stage, loaders carefully transfer things to the car, place them correctly in the body and secure them to avoid falls and breakages. Your office content is sent to the new address.

Unloading. So, all things happily survived the move, and the movers just as carefully take things out of the car, lift them to the desired floor, place them in new places, assemble the disassembled furniture, unpack the rest of the property. In addition, employees of professional moving companies will definitely remove packaging materials and other waste after the move.

That’s it, the move is complete, welcome to your new office!

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