Transportation by low-frame trailers

When there is a need to transport special equipment or large agricultural machinery, the usual truck is not used. These functions can be performed by a low-bed trailer. The length of this vehicle can be about 13 meters, and width – 3 meters. This vehicle is designed to transport large-sized equipment weighing 25 tons or more. Its peculiarity is that it has a low weight, so it is considered easy to operate. And also the low landing allows you to pass through power lines, tunnels, under bridges without any problems.

How does the vehicle work? Design Features
Modern models of low-frame trawls can have different modifications. The basis of the auto includes brakes, frame, clutch, suspension. Their movement is carried out with the help of special tractors. The frame of this type of transport consists of supporting and coupling devices. They, in turn, are equipped with a baseplate and mechanical equipment, which connect the semitrailer to the tractor. This type of construction allows the machine to take the entire load on itself.

When the special stops are pushed back, the tractor is disconnected from the tractor and no longer drives. Semitrailers can be found both of foreign and domestic manufacture. In most cases, the latter are cheaper.

Where are low-frame trailers used? Their variety
Low-frame trailers are vehicles that have found wide application in different areas. They are divided into the following categories:

Light. With these vehicles can transport agricultural machinery, repair equipment, and special equipment weighing no more than 50 tons. These models are equipped with four axles, pneumatic suspension. The dimensions of the platform can be increased.
Medium. These vehicles are designed for transportation of road, construction and special equipment. They can carry a load not more than 200 tons. These vehicles consist of 8 axles and a hydraulic suspension. Unfortunately, these models can not change the configuration of the platform.
Heavy. This category of low-frame trailers can withstand a weight of over 200 tons. It is versatile, because it can transport a variety of objects, including very heavy. The machine is distinguished by its unique type of construction. It has 2-8 axle lines each. The usual axles are absent, as in previous models. Such machine is widely used in industry, shipbuilding or engineering, power and other activities.
Why is it worth using low frame trailers? Advantages and possibilities of machines.
Low-frame trailers are vehicles that have recently gained enormous popularity in various spheres of activity. They are in demand for the following reasons:

Low-frame trawls are distinguished by the well-thought-out design of the cargo platform. It has a fairly low landing, so that the machines can pass over power lines and tunnels without any problems. They can also drive under bridges.
There is no body part in these types of vehicles. This makes it possible to rationally use the usable space to accommodate large objects.
These vehicles are equipped with special elements that ensure reliable cargo transportation. They fix it on the platform, and as a result, no damage or other unpleasant situations will occur.
Only with the help of low-frame trailers you can transport large agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, non-standard and heavy objects to another city.
These vehicles have a relatively low weight. But even this does not prevent them from transporting heavy loads without problems.
Important to know! To ensure that the cargo was delivered intact and safely, the quality and reliability of a low-frame trailer is not enough. It must be operated only by an experienced driver. He is an expert in this area, because he takes into account all the nuances and peculiarities of transporting an object. Only a professional can deliver valuable property to the desired destination on time and without damage.

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