Transportation of a snowmobile

Transporting a snowmobile is quite a complex activity. Not all models have compact size and low weight. To transport the vehicle to a new place without damage it is better to entrust its transportation to professionals from the appropriate companies. If you decide to transport the snowmobile by your own forces, then carefully read our recommendations.

What vehicle to transport your snowmobile on

If the snowmobile has small d

imensions, it can be transported in the trunk or on the roof of a car. For larger models fit trucks or cars with the body of a pickup type. Also suitable for transportation of the snowmobile and car trailer. Snowmobile will also fit in a minibus or Gazelle.

Specifics of snowmobile loading and transportation
The peculiarity of snowmobile lies in its design. It has skis or tracks, so the device for loading the machine should be equipped with a gripper for the tracks and ski rails. Special extensions should be used during the loading process, making it easier to load from the sidewalk. Without a strong hitch, the track will slip and may fail.

The ramp must be secured to the edge of the trunk, as it may fall off under the weight of the equipment. Each ramp must be attached separately, the connection points must be located behind the ramps, and the straps must be secured to any plastic parts.

The snowmobile should be brought into the back of the machine from the front. A special ramp should be used for studded tracks.

Rules and documents for transporting a snowmobile
To transport snowmobiles, special devices will be required. It is better to transport the devices in trailers and on platforms. If such platforms will be open, then their dimensions should be marked with appropriate signs. The capacity of the carrier must match the weight of the snowmobile. The heaviest part of the snowmobile should be placed over the front axle of the transporter. It is necessary to double-check the quality of the snowmobile fastening during transportation. According to the rules of transportation it is obligatory for the trailer to have the rear side tilted.

Snowmobiles can be transported both on special trailers and on trailers specially designed for transportation of this equipment. Trailers can be open or closed, and have different types of suspension.

For safe transportation it is better to contact the company, which is engaged in these activities. Its employees always have at their disposal all the necessary devices for loading and unloading work, as well as special vehicles.

Transportation of a snowmobile in a pickup truck on a special platform
For transportation of one or two snowmobiles a Double platform suitable for bodies about 2-2.5 meters in size will be sufficient. It is easy enough to install the platform into the body, the main thing is to provide its reliable fixation with the help of screw ties which are fixed on the fixing rings. Thanks to the hydraulics, the lifting and lowering is carried out, and the charging of the platform battery is performed during the movement of the car from its onboard network. The platform is controlled by remote control. It is equipped with diode lights, which illuminate the road at night. To prevent slipping, the platform is equipped with special Super Glides. The tracks are fixed on them tightly, which ensures the safety of transportation. The length of the platforms can be adjusted depending on the size of the vehicles being transported.

How to order the transportation of snowmobiles from a specialized company

This method of transporting snowmobiles is the easiest and most reliable. You just need to call the appropriate company and leave a dispatcher application with the date and time of transportation. Then the company’s employees do the following:

At a specified time arrive at the site and load the equipment into a specialized vehicle.
Transport the snowmobile to a specified location.
Unload the machine.
Before transportation, the parties sign a contract. After delivery of the equipment, its owner should check its safety and integrity.

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