Any relocation is a very troublesome and tedious business. As a rule, it takes a very long time to perform such a task. This can be a big problem if we are talking about moving from one workplace to another, because to run out of schedule – means to lose profits and potential customers.

Today, in a highly competitive environment, almost no organization can afford the luxury of spending an extra day or even hours on the move. Those who study at the online dispatcher training for trucking.

Presented before the need to change the address of the office, it is better to prepare for the process with all the care and take into account some important points, among which:

The most suitable time for the move – it is the weekend; you can start packing as early as Friday afternoon, when the flow of customers gradually comes to naught, the weekend is also good to use directly to move office furniture, equipment and other work supplies, furnishings.
Paper archive is desirable to organize and pack in such a way that in the new place there is no confusion with the folders and documents.
Office equipment requires especially careful attitude, so for computers, copiers and printers should be applied such a method of packaging, which will provide the expensive cargo in complete safety during transportation.
Office partitions and large furniture will be reasonable to disassemble, so that the movers were able to put them in the vehicle as compactly as possible. And all elements should be signed, so that the reassembly did not cause difficulties and delays, it is especially important to sort out the small parts and fittings.

Utensils and fragile items should be wrapped in paper and placed in boxes, laying over cardboard or bubble wrap.
The contents of personal desk drawers should be packaged and signed by each employee.
The rules of good manners dictate that before moving, the room to be left should be cleaned, so that the next team does not have to clean up after their predecessors.
It is convenient to transport all the office stuff at night when there are no traffic jams on the roads; it is also better to unload and lift things to the desired floor at night so as not to disturb the working process of the neighbors, while there are only security officers in the building.
It is quite difficult to organize and think through all the details of the office move if you have no experience in this area. It is often impossible to avoid embarrassing mishaps or confusion when setting up the new location.

Finding the culprits in such cases is almost impossible, because all the effort has to be spent on restoring order and resolving the unpleasant situation. As a result, time is wasted, work stands still, nerves are on edge, the atmosphere in the team is heated, and the boss is ready to throw lightning bolts.

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