Useful tips for shippers

Cargo owners looking for the right carrier are faced with a lot of confusing issues for them. How to determine which carrier company is better to give preference? Let’s take a closer look at the most common questions asked by customers in such situations and try to answer them briefly.

Is it obligatory to conclude a contract with the carrier?
The law does not require cargo owners to enter into formal contracts with carriers. However, common sense suggests that the conclusion of such a contract is necessary. You are not going to lend money to unfamiliar person or give him valuables for storage, on his word of honor. The same should apply to freight forwarding.

Concluding a contract for the transportation of goods, you protect yourself from fraudulent activities and confirm your status as a cargo owner and customer. Such a contract clearly defines the duties and rights of both parties, as well as the material responsibility. In case of any conflict situations, the official contract will help you to assert your rights and obtain compensation.

What is dopruzom delivery?
Dovload – additional cargo, placed in a passing car, which is already some things. Delivery by truckload is convenient and profitable, but its use is not possible for all types of things. For example, restrictions apply to dangerous goods and food.

In some cases, dopload delivery is beneficial to the owner of the shipment. In other situations (when transporting strong-smelling, perishable, dangerous goods) it is not very profitable and, moreover, can even cause a significant delay with the shipment. Often when shipping groupage cargo, you have to wait for a long time until the car is completely filled with goods.

What factors contribute to the increase in the cost of shipping?
The total cost of transportation can increase for a variety of reasons. One of them is the transportation of goods that require a special approach. This category includes the following types:

perishable goods, etc.
Transportation of special cargo requires separate vehicles, special documents, and highly qualified workers. In some cases a sanitary passport, transport inspection permit, and other additional documents may also be required. All these factors increase the cost of transportation.

Also increase the cost of services are capable of customer requirements that are not related to the cargo – the route of increased complexity, the urgency of delivery, etc. The price may also increase if it is necessary to violate the established rules of transportation. This is the case for overweight, transportation of oversized goods without supporting documents, transportation of flammable substances without special permission, etc.

Will the cargo be delivered on time?
During transportation a variety of force majeure situations can occur that can delay the goods on the way. A transportation company has modern means at their disposal that allow them to monitor the location of the cargo. However, this does not always help to speed up the process of its delivery.

Delays in delivery are usually caused by heavy snowfall, accidents, traffic jams and other incidents. There may be unexpected road repairs or some other unforeseen event. From this no one is immune. If the timely delivery of the goods is very important to you, it may be better to send it by air rather than by land.

Why is it necessary to specify the weight of the cargo?
Each vehicle has a certain carrying capacity. Cargo weighing more than this is not allowed to be transported in a vehicle, as it can cause deterioration of the technical condition of the vehicle. Once the vehicle has reached its destination, it must remain in good condition so that it can be used for transporting other goods. It is therefore very important that the weight of the goods transported does not exceed the maximum carrying capacity of the vehicle.

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